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How To Find Discounted Tickets To Wicked On Broadway
By Al Terry
Tickets to Wicked on have become such a hot commodity for New Yorker's and vacationers to the Big Apple and with very good reason. This musical has reached a popularity through word of mouth and curiosity that has everyone rushing to find tickets to almost always sold out show times at the Gershwin Theatre. With a storyline which revolves around the original classic "Wizard Of Oz" except tells of before Dorothy was ever taken away in the magical winds of Kansas or ever thought about daydreaming over a rainbow. This musical grossed an amazing 56 million dollars at the box office in the first year on and Tickets to Wicked on can reach over three hundred dollars for premium seats on popular evening show times. These tickets sell and they sell fast so if in need of seeing this amazing show in New York some tips may help save money and procure a seat even on a popular night.

How To Find Tickets To Wicked On Broadway

The first option for getting a ticket at face value would be to try for a matinee early in the week. This is a little insider tip that plays on the simple fact that most local New York fans of are unable to attend on dates during the week, especially during the middle of the day where they are at work. Monday matinee's provide the best odds for getting a great seat at a face value price or sometimes even below. Since a Monday matinee has the least chance

of selling out for the reason stated, the box office may even provide Rush tickets which can be had for as low as twenty-five dollars per seat. The Gershwin Theatre will offer this discount two hours before the performance when they see many seats are still available in an attempt to sell out the venue.

Trying to get tickets to Wicked on for a weekend evening show at face value may seem to be impossible let alone getting a discount. Patrons willing to accept some negative factors still may be able to get into the show and quite inexpensively. Most theaters in New York City offer two types of discounted tickets which have the least chances of selling out even on a popular night. These are Standing Room Only (SRO) seats and Obstructed View seating. These tickets are pretty much self explanatory, if willing to stand throughout the performance one can see the full stage and complete show. If have a partial view of the stage do to obstruction from props or architecture of the theater itself does not sound to bad then call the Gershwin theater box office and ask if any of such tickets available for the date you wish to attend. These tickets will be had at a great discount and are easy to locate.

One last way to really save on your tickets to Wicked on is searching for some discount codes. These promotions from the marketing department of the event will release secret codes which may be entered when purchasing the tickets. These codes are often found online from certain forums or websites related to New York entertainment. A simple search for "Wicked Discount Codes" in your favorite search engine may not only get you your tickets, but at a discount of great savings.

Procuring tickets to Wicked on is no easy feat as many have found out. The most proficient way to purchase tickets for a popular musical is always to call the box office as soon as the tickets are released for sale. This is the sure way to guarantee a seat to the show at face value and for any show time or performance date. If all else fails you last resort for ticket to Wicked on may be to locate a ticket broker and purchase the seats at a higher price. The cost many times is very reasonable and will assure a legitimate ticket for any show.

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